I spent over a £1000 at PC World for new laptop + accessories.To cut a long story short I have since spent 6-7 hours driving back & forth between home and PC World and standing around in their store getting no or poor service.

During this time I have tried to get a refund but the assistant didn't know what to do and tried to refund me for less than I paid, claiming that I had not returned everything.

Obviously I didn't want anything more to do with this store, so I referred this to PC World "Customer Service" by letter + all documents asking simply for a refund. During the past two weeks they have done nothing and now say I have to go back to the store AGAIN.

I can't do this because Customer Service now has my receipts.

So if something goes wrong they won't care in the store, and the central Customer Service won't do anything to help you.I'm still £1000 out of pocket.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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P.s. Just for the *** and giggles I recently went to PCWorld and beat them at they're own game. I work in the 3D VFX and hardware analysis scene - I'm fairly competent with hardware knowledge and software perceptions. Anyway, I went in and looked at a Samsung laptop that had a GT630 graphics unit in it. I asked a floor spokesmen if it would play new titles on high settings (The likes of BF3) he said "Yes". Sorry but since when does a low-end mobile graphics card have any gaming potential.

Second to that, I asked them whether the 6 core AMD Bulldozer FX CPUs would be faster than some of the select 4 Core i7 chipsets. They simply replied with "It has more cores, so it's faster." what a generalistic assumption, especially since Intel cores have Hyper-threading (Something he didn't know anything about), on the contrary CPU performance isn't scaled by the amount of cores the CPU has. Other factors like memory-controllers and Hyper-threading play a big role.

PCWorld fills a large niche of users, they don't expect hardware competent people to ask questions or shop in they're stores. They're a computer store for the masses and because of that many of their employers a very under-informed about computers. They are taught the absolute essentials and the basics for questions that are most likely to arise from customers - things like "Will this software run on here?" or "Does this have a dedicated card?". Ironically, when you ask them questions they end up usually...

On that note, there is a massive inconsistency in their stores, many of the product info sheets are incorrect or under-informed.

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Seriously, PCWorld is a complete ripoff - £15 to reseat laptop memory?! Whut? Not sure if trolling or for real. Then there are the prices and employees who offer their assistance, then when you ask them with a question they reply with "Sorry, I don't know".

Only a single celled amoeba would shop at PCWorld, sadly their a big name which makes them the first port of call for many people who aren't familiar with computer hardware.

Try Yoyotech in London, they're superb - have good customer service and great prices. Second to that, websites like Aria and OverclockUK are good choices too!

Sorry to hear this.

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