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I am extremely concerned about the standard of service I have received from PC world’s knowhow division. I put my PC in the store at PC world Croydon to have a faulty graphics card replaced, the company told me that my data needed to be removed from the computer and backed up on an external hard drive which they supplied.

When I got the PC back home all my data had gone and SOMEONE ELSE’S DATA had been loaded on the external hard drive, family photo’s, documents, music and personal identity information. I thought I’d go through their files to see if I could contact them and find out if they had my files which had been deleted from my computer. I contacted the Data Protection Agency to see where I stood with the law but they advised me to go back to PC world.

When I went back to PC world Croydon they were very concern. I asked them to find out if they had given my data to someone else. One week went by and they could not confirm where my missing data was or who may have it. I was and still am extremely worried about identity fraud and although my bank details were not on my PC there was enough information for a fraudster to cause me a great deal of grief.

The hard drive that PC world supplied is the one I got back, I checked the serial numbers. PC world was very keen to get the external hard drive back. They also offered to do a deep scan to see if they could recover any of my data from the computer hard drive. PC world deleted the other person’s data from the external hard drive and recovered very little of my data.

I feel that PC world has really let me down in the service it has provided and that its work procedures are not up to scratch, it has also exposed me to possible identity fraud by giving PC world customer’s data to other customers!

I have emailed Sebastian James at Dixon Retail twice but no reply. I have emailed KNOWHOW customer services on the 28th May 2013 but no response.

If the KNOWHOW division of Dixon’s Retail is to survive it must sort this thing out quickly and put in proper Q/A procedures in place otherwise it will lose its customers:- It certainly lost me!!

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Pc world / motorola

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I bought a motorola xoom tablet for my sons xmas present in 2011 , its been repaired once its broke again the warranty has run out two weeks ago .We took it back to pc world they kept in the store for two days then we received a phone call saying it was working. my son was using it the day we picked it up and went on it, half an hour into him using it,its went of again we phoned pc world , but they are refusing to do anything as it is two weeks out of warranty, *** take.

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Monetary Loss: $350.

Don't go near PC World - they really don't care

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I spent over a £1000 at PC World for new laptop + accessories. To cut a long story short I have since spent 6-7 hours driving back & forth between home and PC World and standing around in their store getting no or poor service.

During this time I have tried to get a refund but the assistant didn't know what to do and tried to refund me for less than I paid, claiming that I had not returned everything.

Obviously I didn't want anything more to do with this store, so I referred this to PC World "Customer Service" by letter + all documents asking simply for a refund. During the past two weeks they have done nothing and now say I have to go back to the store AGAIN.

I can't do this because Customer Service now has my receipts.

So if something goes wrong they won't care in the store, and the central Customer Service won't do anything to help you. I'm still £1000 out of pocket.

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Monetary Loss: $1500.



P.s. Just for the *** and giggles I recently went to PCWorld and beat them at they're own game. I work in the 3D VFX and hardware analysis scene - I'm fairly competent with hardware knowledge and software perceptions. Anyway, I went in and looked at a Samsung laptop that had a GT630 graphics unit in it. I asked a floor spokesmen if it would play new titles on high settings (The likes of BF3) he said "Yes". Sorry but since when does a low-end mobile graphics card have any gaming potential.

Second to that, I asked them whether the 6 core AMD Bulldozer FX CPUs would be faster than some of the select 4 Core i7 chipsets. They simply replied with "It has more cores, so it's faster." what a generalistic assumption, especially since Intel cores have Hyper-threading (Something he didn't know anything about), on the contrary CPU performance isn't scaled by the amount of cores the CPU has. Other factors like memory-controllers and Hyper-threading play a big role.

PCWorld fills a large niche of users, they don't expect hardware competent people to ask questions or shop in they're stores. They're a computer store for the masses and because of that many of their employers a very under-informed about computers. They are taught the absolute essentials and the basics for questions that are most likely to arise from customers - things like "Will this software run on here?" or "Does this have a dedicated card?". Ironically, when you ask them questions they end up usually reading out or looking at the display sheets infront of the products.

On that note, there is a massive inconsistency in their stores, many of the product info sheets are incorrect or under-informed.


Seriously, PCWorld is a complete ripoff - £15 to reseat laptop memory?! Whut? Not sure if trolling or for real. Then there are the prices and employees who offer their assistance, then when you ask them with a question they reply with "Sorry, I don't know".

Only a single celled amoeba would shop at PCWorld, sadly their a big name which makes them the first port of call for many people who aren't familiar with computer hardware.

Try Yoyotech in London, they're superb - have good customer service and great prices. Second to that, websites like Aria and OverclockUK are good choices too!

Sorry to hear this.

Pc World - Head and shoulders the WORST customer service I have ever had!

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I bought my Advent laptop from PC World about 5 years ago for £450 and took the cover/repair plan, approx £400 extra over the 4 years. After various serious problems over the years, the laptop finally caught fire yesterday in the room next to my daughter's bedroom!! (literally a flames out the side job!).

As I had bought a PC World own-brand product with a PCW cover plan, from a PCW store, I thought it reasonable to take it in and ask if they could tell me why it nearly burnt my house down! As with several posts I've read on PCW, I had to literally hunt down a sales staff, to then wait for a manager to appear only to be told "absolutely nothing we can do, you can try calling customer service and they may do something" - this is from the store manager, Bury St Edmunds branch.

I then phoned CS to be told the same, and that as it was out of warranty they could not even look at it or make it safe for my family. When I asked him what their stance on corporate responsibility was towards dangerous products I was told "I don't know". I asked to speak to a supervisor but strangely none were available. After a polite argument he put me through to the 'dangerous products' department (surely he should have done this first?) where I spoke to perhaps the rudest telephone operator I've ever encountered. (Shaz - ext. 25259 apparently!). When I asked what PCW were going to do about this clearly dangerous product, please read this quoted response: "it's not a dangerous product cos it was on fire yesterday, not today...it's not on fire now is it." When I asked her what her point was, she simply repeated the above quote! She proceeded to chastise me for not taking time off work to bring the fault to their attention yesterday, but when I asked her what she would have done differently yesterday the response was: "we would have told you to turn it off". So apparently I should have called and gone through the automated options system whilst my PC was on fire. A strange approach to dangerous products it would seem...

She offered me 2 paying options and got cross when I said I shouldn't have to pay...All very surreal indeed that PCW were angry with me for their product catching fire! She got even more incensed when I claimed PCW were washing their hands of the issue, and angrily denied they were doing this. I said I would like to speak to the complaints department and hilariously she said they were it! leaving me in the bizarre predicament of having to make a complaint about the complaints dept! Every member of staff I spoke to in store and on the phone were badly trained, unhelpful, plain ignorant and very, very rude.

Many thanks PCW for all your support and concern with this potentially life-threatening product!

I had always wondered why there were such a huge number of complaints about PCW online...now I know why :)

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Pc World - No information prior to buying and expensive to run

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I purchased a Lexmark X2480 printer 18 months ago. All was well until recently.

I have tried to purchase new cartridges and find that I can't get them easily either in a store or on-line. The only supplier is PC World and the cheapest way is a triple pack (now £44 = £14.60 each) but the're always out of stock. They do supply singles at £19.99 though. What's happening with Lexmark - they seem to create a shortage to inflate the price.

Is this fair on the consumer?

I've now purchased an HP Desjet - cheaper in the long run.

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PC World, Staples Corener, UK

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Beware of PC World's Asus EEE PC selling, First they sell Open-boxed products at normal retail price rather than Refurbished or discounted price. Other, in my case, I called up and reserved Asus PC for collection, when I sent, they kept me in loop of their pathetic billing mechanisms and finally took money from me and also got me bought pc support insurance.

Until now, product was not shown to me. Finally, at the gate, they asked me to collect me project and the concerned guy said, no sealed product is available! I could not have product for which I already paid!! The manager had appalling attitude, and she said we dont have any choice but just to take refund.

Then at desk for refund, another guy said he could get the product delivered as it is available at another store. For two days, the product or the call (which he promised to do so) did not come at all. I am finally now going to store to get the refund. I called three times to customer service in last 24 hours to connect me to store but all the time, there was one response 'we cant connect to store, we are sending an email to them to call you back'!!

Overall, it has been really stressful and appalling customer service experience.

Really be cautious if you ever buy anything from PC World, atleast from Staples Corner store.

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Monetary Loss: $400.

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